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This year, the committee for Canada’s Contingent to the MWG-i would be Faisal, Sid, Kuchai and a few others with me as the advisor.


Badminton tournament for 2010, with the theme, “The Spirit of Lee Chong Wei” has brought all students from beginners to amateur to join the tournament. The total 4 hours booking of Norm Fenn Gym were fully utilized that the tournament ended at the very last minute of the booking time,with the prizes given near the Tim Horton.

The winners for Men Doubles:

1)Wan Azman, Fahmi


3)Mohd Khamsani, Ben JK

Winners for Women Doubles:

1)Farah, Aini



Some of the participants,photographed by KamalSell

Sept 11,2009: Meeting with JPA officer is scheduled to be this Friday, September 11,2009 at Puan Zalillah’s house during iftar.

Oct 7,2009: Meeting with delegations from Malaysia (Taylor’s University College, JPA and Mara)

Oct 10,2009: Eid Party at Fisher for about 100 guests.

Oct 2009: M@C execs voted to pass the motion to sponsor Malaysian Soccer Team with some aid kits.

Dec 2009: Year-end celebration by the High Comm,and also by the MSD.

Feb 2010:  Badminton Tournament